Getting started

IMG_3267For the past few months, Lynn McDowell, our President, has been visiting clients, attending marketing conferences, and listening to some great speakers talk about the best way to build law practices. Lots of information and lots of ideas shared.

Her last stop was the PILMMA Super Summit in Chicago. As usual for PILMMA, the speakers were phenomenal. Three days packed full of a wide variety of topics, including some great ideas about marketing. At the end of these sessions she often heard the same question from attendees – What’s next?

The answer is simpler than most would think: JUST GET STARTED! Getting started is the hardest part. To be a little more specific, we recommend taking the following three steps to get your marketing plan started:

  1. Choose two or three tools that you think will work for your firm.
  2. Get your staff on board.
  3. Find somebody to hold you accountable.

Putting together an effective marketing plan means using different tools that work to reinforce each other. When choosing the tools you want to use (#1), try mixing online with print. You will need a whole staff effort (#2) to implement your marketing plan, so getting everyone on board is a must. Finally, following through on your good intentions can be tough when there are so many other tasks on the schedule. That’s why it’s important to have someone in your life (#3) to hold you accountable and make sure you are executing your plan consistently.

If you would like to discuss these ideas further or have a brainstorming session, Lynn is available to talk. Call 877-860-9807 anytime.