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In advance of the Fall newsletter’s release, we offered a free, timely article for use on your blog, Web site, or other marketing materials. Most of our clients used it in their Fall newsletters as well. We are doing that again with this early-release article from our upcoming Winter 2015 issue. Please feel free to use.

Have you purchased a Red Bull in the last 12 years?

A class-action lawsuit accusing the makers of Red Bull of false advertising has been settled for $13 million. Anyone who purchased a Red Bull between January 1, 2002 and October 3, 2014 is eligible to claim a piece of the settlement. If you purchased a Red Bull during that time, go to to file a claim. You will receive either $15 worth of Red Bull products or $10 cash. There is no proof of purchase necessary. The deadline to file a claim is March 2, 2015.

While it is unlikely anyone thought that drinking Red Bull would literally lead to them growing wings, the advertising was deemed deceptive because claims that the drink increases performance, concentration, and reaction speed are false.

The suit claimed that, “Even though there is a lack of genuine scientific support for a claim that Red Bull branded energy drinks provide any more benefit to a consumer than a cup of coffee, the Red Bull defendants persistently and pervasively market their product as a superior source of ‘energy’ worthy of a premium price over a cup of coffee or other sources of caffeine.”