The 3 types of articles your clients want to read

The most important thing you must do if your client newsletter is going to be successful is to send one out consistently. The second most important thing you must do is fill it with compelling content. That may sound “easier said than done,” but it’s really not too hard. You must simply strike a balance between the following three types of newsletter articles. You don’t need to have each type in every issue, but these are the three types of newsletter articles that will have your clients looking forward to receiving your next issue.

1. Informative. The bulk of your newsletter should be made up of informative articles. You are an expert in the legal field and this is your chance to share that expertise with your clients. While some of these articles should include a call-to-action, many should be information for information’s sake. These articles should raise awareness of important consumer issues, provide tips for consumer safety, and offer general advice on the legal system. When it makes sense, you can mention that you are available to help in the event that the reader needs an attorney.

2. Personal. A newsletter works so well as a marketing tool because it builds trust between the client and you. You’ve already given them some great information, now you should give them a chance to get to know you, your firm, and maybe even your family. Personal articles work best with a picture. Personal articles are also great for raising awareness for any charity or non-profit work you or your firm may do.

3. Fun! Don’t forget to have a little fun! Recipes, contests, and other fun articles make the newsletter more…fun. And everyone loves fun.