Market smarter – know your list

The most valuable asset that any small business possesses is its mailing list. That is why it is important to know all you can about it. If your mailing list is like most, you’ve got a name and basic contact information. Hopefully you are using this information to consistently connect with the people on your list. Marketing to your mailing list is a basic component of any relationship marketing program.

For those who want to go beyond the basics, we have a new option. You’ve heard it said that we are living in the information age and we certainly agree. There is so much information available now that targeted marketing is easier and more effective than ever. The first step to taking advantage of all this information is to get to know your mailing list better.


Introducing: The Consumer List Enhancement Service


Our newest service, Consumer List Enhancement, provides you with all sorts of information about the people on your mailing list. This can be used in two big ways. First, by getting to know what types of people are already doing business with you, you’ll know who to target in your efforts to land new business. Second, you can split your mailing list into sub-lists, sending targeted messages that are more likely to resonate with your audience.

Here’s how it works – you send us your existing list; we send it back with more information. There are three levels – standard, enhanced, and deluxe – to choose from. Standard provides basic demographic information such as income and marital status. Enhanced adds more information, like occupation, veteran status, political party, and pet ownership. Deluxe gets you everything – number and age of children, whether or not they go camping or like to golf, if they have allergies, and much more.

Pricing varies by list size. For more information, give us a call at 877-860-9807.

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