How NCOA keeps your mailing list clean

If you use Mail Service Ink for your mailing and fulfillment needs, you are already using the U.S. Postal Service’s NCOA system. NCOA, National Change of Address, is a massive database of address change information. Mail Service compares your mailing list to the NCOA database to see if any of your clients have changed their address. Mail Service then updates your mailing list to make sure your newsletter (or other mailer) arrives where its intended recipient will get it.

There is a small charge for this, but the Postal Service requires this service for all bulk mailings unless there is an endorsement, like “Or Current Resident” or “Return Service Requested”.

A clean list is an effective list. You are putting a lot of effort into your direct mail marketing. It is vital that the mailers reach their intended recipient if they are to get you a good response and return on investment. If you don’t use Mail Service Ink, make sure your mail house is providing this valuable service.