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GM recall shows importance of civil justice system

You have probably heard about the massive General Motors recall in the news. A variety of issues, including the faulty ignition-switch that is believed to be responsible for 13 deaths, have led GM to recall millions of vehicles since early 2014. Adding insult to the many injuries was the confirmation that the company knew about the ignition-switch problem since 2004 and government regulators knew about it since 2007. When corporations and the government fail us, the civil justice system is our only recourse.

Burton Leblanc, President of the American Association for Justice, said as much when he testified in Congress about this matter:

“The escalating fallout over the G.M. ignition-switch recall scandal should be a wake-up call to all Americans as to why the civil justice system is essential to ensuring our families are safe from dangerous products.

G.M. knew of the fatal ignition-switch defect as far back as 2004 – the year the first Chevy Cobalt rolled off the lot – and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration learned of the defect in 2007.  But the danger was only exposed in 2013 by a lawsuit brought by a victim’s family.

When corporations act with indifference and government agencies fail, the civil justice system is the only way to shed light on dangerous products and ensure that corporations are held accountable for the harm they cause.”