Feed your blog with your newsletter articles

Did you know that once you purchase your newsletter from us, all of the articles in that newsletter are yours to use however you like? One thing you should absolutely be doing with those articles is using them as blog content.

Most of you want to match the look, color, and feel of your different marketing tools, which is a great idea. So if you are one of our clients, we have most likely visited your Web site. Most of you have blogs or a news section as a part of your Web site. You know that helps tremendously in getting better search results. Just as important to search engines as having good content is updating it consistently. That can be tough to do since it takes time to write a good post.

If you send a print newsletter through us, using our content, then you probably have seven to nine articles each issue that you can post on your blog. Spread these out over the three months between issues and you’ll be consistently adding content that your clients, and potential clients, will find useful and want to read. You’ll also be making the most of the money you are spending on marketing. Improving your return on investment is always a good thing!