Michael D. Kelly, Esq – Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyer

After attending PILMMA in Salt Lake City this past September and taking in all the conference had to offer, I became very interested with the idea of a booklet, the Ultimate Guide to Car Accidents.  I am a big believer in educational based marketing.  I figured by providing prospective clients free information and establishing myself as the expert, I could earn some good will and differentiate myself from my competitors.  After returning home, I got right to work on developing my guide.  The process was not without frustration, but overall easier than I anticipated.

We had an existing relationship with Premier Print Marketing and once the content was complete, I reached out to bring my guide to life.  The team was very responsive.  They provided me a very fast and reasonable quote, they developed a fantastic proof (which they allowed me to edit and change several times), and they had a finished product in my office all within a few weeks.

We implemented the guide right away and have set a policy to have it mailed with a cover letter to any lead making contact with our firm.  The package is mailed a day after the prospective client makes contact.  Since implementing, the results have been fantastic.  We have heard from a large group of current clients that they were considering several firms prior to signing and that the Ultimate Guide to Car Accidents set us apart.

Couldn’t be happier!

Michael D. Kelly, Esq - Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyer