Cindy Speaker – Marketing Expert

I have known Lynn (McDowell, President of Premier Print Marketing) for more than a decade and she is, in my mind, the go to person for print newsletters. I want to tell you why.

As a business owner I typically size up other business owners and vendors based on a few critical criteria. First, I only do business with those in whom I see absolute honesty and integrity. And frankly, it’s rare to find people that will advise you based on what they believe YOU need rather than on what they want to sell you. Lynn will do that.

Secondly, passion is important to me. Not everybody I do business with is passionate about what they do and about helping people. Let’s face it; passion is not a real mainstream trait. But I am inspired by those that are passionate and it is a defining trait of the small handful of vendors that I feel comfortable recommending. Lynn is one of them.

Cindy Speaker - Marketing Expert